The Voice of amazonia

Born in Surinam, there is where Little Guerrier will spend his hole childhood.
Driven by great curiosity, Little Guerrier will be permanently alongside the elders that teach him the true values of life.
Faced with the rude world of the ghetto and injustice, a warrior spirit rise in Little Guerrier and create the desire to share his message of love and unity by traveling the world.

Unity, love and respect

"Music is Universal" His message brings all kinds of emotions, it is that emotion that the artist trenches. This is what defines the music of Little Guerrier, universal, divers and dreadful. For him, the main thing is to raise awareness amongs the young generation.

Deeply marked by " Natural Mystic, Bob Marley ", he naturally devotes himself to roots and culture music and express his spirituality in his lyrics.

A few years after his arrival in French -Guiana, Little Guerrier joined the live band " Reggae-Matik " with Reggae-Matik he produced two albums: " Roots-Rock-Reggae " and " Vibes " (Awarded at Lindor 2006 with the title "Jah Jah est Réèl" as "Best Song of the Year").

Reggae Album of the Year

In 2007, Little Guerrier released his first solo album "Cry out".

2008, Little Guerrier is the winner of the contest " 9 SEMAINES ET 1 JOUR " with the title "Black Woman" which will allow him to tour in France and represent the colors of French-Guiana at the festivals " La Rochelle Francofolies " and the " Intendances de Paris plage ".

In 2009 it is the coming out of his second solo album "Caan Cool " album which will be rewarded as the " Reggae album of the year ".

Determination and Dedication

2011 was the year of the collaboration with the Transportation label for the production of the 3th album "I and I". Little Guerrier will introduce his music to a new audience on a international tour (Algeria, Holland, Brazil, Guadeloupe and France).

With out forgetting the "I and I Promo Tour " set up by Atipa Record which will give Little Guerrier the opportunity to do 15 dates in French-Guiana.

His 4th solo album "Pa Moli" was out in 2012. For keeping the good work in 2013, the Special Prize for the " representation of French Guianas music internationally ", was awarded to Little Guerrier.

Followed in 2014 with the production of the single "Live Together" Featuring Sister Rudo, which will bring him 2 new awards , "Best combination of the year" and "Best Single of the year".

2016, with the help of a team more than ever determined (Atipa Record, Inity 973 and the I&I Roots Band).

Little Guerrrier released his 5th solo album "More love", recorded live in Rotterdam, Paris and French Guyana. An album classified as " World Music " that reflects his creativity through 14 tracks carefully prepared and aranged for the people.

As his name humbly suggests, Rebel for a Cause, Little Guerrrier will not comprimised

He continues on his path with determination and dedication. Get ready to hear his music and messages resonate all over the world.

Album Shining (2021)

In this new album SHINING Little Guerrier shows that he stays confident and strong.
He shares a message of self trust that lead to a collective awareness raising in the community specialy for the youths. The artist covers topics such as panafricanism, hope, perseverance and spirituality.The numerous collaborations of the album reflect the dedication of the artist to the spirit of sharing, the importance of exchange of knowledge and musical know-how.
It’s a mutual enrichment in which Little Guerrier nourishes himself to do better, to grow and to achieve exellence.

L'album SHINING was recorded and produced between French Guiana, Suriname, Jamaica, Martinique, Holland, France and Brezil with different composers and producers: Djiwala, Dj Jackson, Dean O Dean, Danny studio, Dj Crafty, Ivano, Don Shorty and Blesstoko records.

The first track of the album is "Name of love" a song that evokes the connexion to nature, a feeling of well-being and serenity.cfg

" Shining " and "Pa jin ladjé " are the outcomes of introspections and reflections on a journey full of difficulties. A long and heavy journey that has helped to build determination and a lifely spirit necessary to keep self confidence despite adversity.

"Tafari way" and "Warrior life " are statements that denounce a system that hampers emancipation.

Little Guerrier’s motivation and determination led him to his leitmotiv " WARRIOR FOR LIFE " which is also his trademark available online
In the songs "Africa rise" and "One family" Little Guerrier advocates solidarity and harmony. The artist highlightes the importance of building panafrican consiousness in which each afro descendant has a role to play to achieve unity and solidarity necessary for developement.

The track " Chez moi " emphasises the joy of being able to relax and rejuvinate and feel good in a place that can be called home… There is no place like Home.

The ballad " Devotion " is about a relationship guided by irrational love.

" Smile for me " is a smile to life. A joy that allows you to enjoy the present moment and realize that living is a privilege… So keep on rocking.

Little Guerrier shares his lyrics by taking us to various vibes such as reggae, dancehall, soca and ballad.

"SHINING" represent the inner light we must nurture to achieve our goals.

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